DAOS v2.4.2 is out!

The DAOS team would like to announce the release of DAOS Version 2.4.2.

It is a bug-fix release on top of 2.4.1. For details, please refer to the Github release/2.4 commit histor and the associated Jira tickets as stated in the commit messages.

Note: Due to changes in the EL8 EPEL repository, the isa-l-2.30.0-2libisa-l-2.30.0-2, and libisa-l-devel-2.30.0-2 RPMs have been removed from the DAOS packages repository.

The Release Notes can be found here.

There are several resources available for the release:

As always, feel free to use our mailing list, daos@daos.groups.io, for any issues with the release. You are also welcome to visit our Jira bug-tracking system at https://daosio.atlassian.net/jira. We are also available on Slack at https://daos-stack.slack.com.