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The Open-Source Storage Platform for AI & HPC

Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage (DAOS) is an open-source software-defined high-performance scalable storage system that has redefined performance for a wide spectrum of AI and HPC workloads.



Discover the rich feature set of the DAOS storage stack that can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud.

Unmatched Performance

Ultra-high bandwidth/IOPS with fully distributed metadata and a time-to-first-byte below 20μs leveraging RDMA whenever available (via UCX or libfabric).

Files and so much more

In addition to a native parallel filesystem, DAOS has a rich open-source ecosystem integrated with many HPC and AI frameworks delivering more performance and functionality.

Flexible Data Protection

DAOS supports a wide range of erasure code and replication schemes that can be dynamically set on a per-object/file or per-dataset/directory basis.

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