DAOS Foundation TSC

The technical steering committee (aka TSC) is the forum for DAOS developers to meet and collaborate. It aims at structuring technical contributions, organizing DAOS development and eventually managing the DAOS community releases.

The plan is for the foundation to take over release management starting with DAOS 2.8. Each founding company has appointed a voting member to the TSC. All have unanimously elected Johann Lombardi as the chair of the TSC.

The TSC has decided to start two working groups open to anyone. The first working group will be focused on usability. The purpose of this working group is to brainstorm on how to make DAOS easier to deploy, use and administrate. The second group is the performance working group and will be the forum to review performance results, tune DAOS for new workloads and define areas where the community should invest to maintain DAOS performance leadership. Each working group will meet bi-weekly.